We’ve been conducting water quality monitoring throughout the watershed since 2014 to establish baseline values.

In 2018, we established a network of volunteer water quality testers who have collected data on pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, secchi disk readings, temperature and algal blooms in several lake areas including Hunter Lake, Turtle Camp, Lac Audoin, Red Pine Chutes, Jawbone’s Bay and Zec Restigo.

Algal blooms observed by water quality volunteers
(Photos by John Stark)

In 2018, our committee conducted extensive sampling including testing for metals, phosphorus and bacteria in multiple areas.
Results of water quality testing are freely available to the public via the water rangers app.
A report detailing our 2018 testing will be available soon.
Previous sampling conducted by our committee has been published in the following reports:

2016 Water Quality Report

English      French

2017 Water Quality Data

Water quality testers are provided with a kit containing all the necessary supplies and equipment as well as training and support in learning to use the equipment, and choosing a sampling site. No prior experience is necessary but a dedication to sampling is a must. Ideally, volunteers would be present on the lake for the duration of the season (May - September) and they would be able to sample weekly but at a minimum every two weeks.

This is a strictly volunteer position, no compensation is provided. Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation as well as associated costs and conduct sampling at their own risk.

If interested in becoming a volunteer water quality tester you may contact us at or use the application feature on our Facebook Page.

Water Quality Volunteer recording data (Photo by John Stark)