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While there are many issues that currently threaten the health of the Kipawa watershed, our main focus is on mining exploration and proposed mining projects. We believe that if these projects are allowed to proceed they will have widespread impacts on the currently pristine Kipawa Lake and surrounding areas. Mining exploration can also have environmental impacts.  Mining claims have been bought up throughout the watershed. The majority of claims are located in the upper Kipawa River/Lac Sheffield/Lac Sairs (Brennan Lake) area.

This is also the location of the Kipawa Rare Earths project originally owned by Matamec
(in partnership with Toyotsu Rare Earth Canada and Resources Quebec), this project and several neighboring claims, including the Zeus property, are currently owned by Quebec Precious Metals.

In August 2021, an Australian company, Vital Metals (Cheetah Resources) entered into an agreement to purchase the Kipawa Rare Earth Project pending a due diligence period. 
In October 2022, Vital Metals terminated its purchase agreement due to opposition from local First Nations communities
(Kebaowek and Wolf Lake). Quebec Precious Metals is still actively searching for a buyer for the Kipawa Rare Earths project and Zeus property.

Other mining claims are owned by both corporations and individuals, these claims change hands frequently and can be viewed via the Quebec Gestion des titres miners. This requires downloading files for viewing in Google Earth.


As of October 2021 mining claims in the area were owned by:

Glenn Grisesback

Mathiew Stephens

Entreprises Miniere Globex (2 claims recently sold to REEgenerate Pty Ltd.)

9228-6202 Quebec Inc

Geonomik Pty Ltd

Genevieve Gauthier

Quebec Precious Metals (potentially being sold to Vital Metals)

Telos Geoservices

Phillip Terrence Coyle

Fancamp Exploration

Fayz Yacoub

Redevances Noranda Inc.

Trent Potts

Michael Dehn

Les Pierres du Nord

Harfang Exploration

Canadian Mining House

Greg Exploration Inc

Tony Perron

Ressources Minérales Mistassini Inc.

Gerard Houle

Sylvain Plante

Ressources Sphinx Ltee

Locations of mining claims within the Kipawa Lake watershed