Thank you for visiting. The purpose of this website is to educate and inform the public about threats to the Kipawa watershed.
Our current focus is on mining and specifically the mining of rare earths. Kipawa Lake is an important ecological entity, source of drinking water, a world renowned tourist destination and has significant cultural and historic value to local communities. These uses and values should be given priority over a short-term economic gain from a toxic open-pit mining project. Please read and share the information provided and please contact us with your questions, concerns or to be more involved.

**NEW WATER QUALITY TESTING REPORT** - English PDF Version / Français version PDF



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What can you do to help?

Support our fundraising initiatives
(funds are required for printing information booklets, posters, administrative costs, education events for the public, etc.)


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Contact us by email at savekipawalake@gmail.com or info@kipawalakepreservationsociety.ca for more info about our fundraising initatives or if you have questions about our fundraising items.

  • Volunteer
  • Sign the petitions
  • Write letters to local, provincial and government officials expressing your opposition to mining in the Kipawa watershed and
    the proposed rare earth mine.
  • Be informed. This website has a great deal of researched, factual information about mining, rare earth mining, the proposed projects and impacts. Please read it. Share this knowledge with your friends, family, neighbours.
    Contact us if you have questions. If you do not support the mine speak out and have your voice heard.

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